Sompt - Sunrise and sunset times

The sunny lane in SomptFrance is always one hour ahead of the United Kingdom, and changes it's clocks at the same time. This means that the sun rises later and sets later than in the UK, which is shown in the table below:

January 1st08:4308:0608:2517:2116:0216:00
February 1st08:2307:3907:5518:0216:4916:51
March 1st07:4006:4706:5818:4417:4017:46
April 1st07:4006:3706:4420:2819:3319:43
May 1st06:4505:3305:3521:0820:2320:38
June 1st06:0904:5004:4721:4321:0821:27
July 1st06:0904:4704:4421:5521:2121:41
August 1st06:3905:2305:2421:3120:4921:06
September 1st07:1806:1206:1720:3919:4820:00
October 1st07:5607:0007:1019:3918:3918:47
November 1st07:4006:5307:0717:4416:3416:37
December 1st08:2207:4308:0117:1315:5515:54

The times above are the local times, and are based on the data available for 2003.