Sompt - The weather in France

The sunny lane in SomptThe climate in the Poitou Charentes region is one of the sunniest in France, second only to the famous Cote d'Azur in the south of the country. In an average year the region gets over 2,200 hours of sunshine a year making it an ideal holiday destination - what can be better than sitting watching the sun dip over the farm house, with of glass a red wine in your hand?

The tables below show the temperatures and sunshine hours expected during the summer months here in Sompt. As you can see the climate is very acceptable for visiting all the local attractions or relaxing by the sea or lakes watching the world go by.

Average maximum temperature Average sunshine hours per day
May19 May7
June22 June8
July24 July7
August25 August8
September22 September6
October17 October4

I have also made a comparison of the sunrise and sunset times, between France and the UK and also a host of weather statistics for this region of France.

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Page updated - July 2004