Sompt - Television and Satellite

I have composed below a set of common questions regarding television and satellite options when in France:

Can I use my British television in France?

Yes and No. British televisions use the PAL (Phase Alternation Line) system of receiving analog television but in France they use the SECAM (Sequential Couleur avec Memoire). Your British television would probably be able to pick up a picture but it would be in black and white and the sound would be distorted. However, if you take your satellite dish and box with you to France then you will be able to view British channels on your television as you would at home.

How do I set up my satellite dish and box when in France?

I am not even going to try and answer this question when there are many sites around which dedicate themselves to answering this question. Take a look at David Sullivan's satellite site for full instructions on how to manually set up your dish.

Can I subscribe to SKY if I am living in France?

Yes, although as far as I am aware SKY do not officially allow it so you will have to find a friend who will allow you to use their address. Your monthly subscription will also need to come out of a UK bank account. If you use a FTV (Free to View) card then this won't trouble you.

What is a FTV card?

A FTV (Free to View) card is a SKY viewing card that gives you access to ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 etc for a one off payment of around £22. BBC should be available without any subscription card at all because the BBC have left the SKY.

More information

The information I have provided here is at a very high level. If you need more then drop me a line or use one of the following resources: