Sompt - Photographs of the first stage of the renovation work

The first part of the renovation work involved replacing the roof on the Northern facing side of the house. During the years the weather had made the tiles very brittle, and there were a few small leaks when it rained. The estimates and work was all arranged by our Project Manager Eric Archaimbault and work started in February 9th 2004 and took just over a week to complete.

The tiles need to be lifted onto the roof.......and then Léo Pouilloux and his team get down to placing the fixed and ridge tiles
The exceptionaly good weather helped the team make good progressA few extra pieces of timber needed to be replaced, but nothing major (so far)
With the tiles now lifted onto the roof, the work can startThe tile colour has been chosen very well, so that they blend in with the age of the house
The chimney for the cooker has had to be removed, so no more cooking for a whileThe chimneys will be fixed with Zinc protection to help with the waterproofing. This will be done by Michel Villéger
The final result taken on a slighly snowy February morningOld tiles were mixed with the new so that it blended in
Before and after shots of the grenier with the new velux window.The velux window which makes so much difference to the light in the grenier