Sompt - Photographs of the second stage of the renovation work (the new gates)

The second part of the renovation work started at the end of April 2004 and was completed by the middle of May 2004. This stage involved knocking a hole in the wall of the garden and having a wooden gate installed. This will then give the builders access to the garden, from the road, for the replacement fosse septic and the swimming pool. The metal gates at the entrance to the court yard have also be replaced with wooden gates.

The view from the road, as the wall comes down in preparation for the new gate. The route in was planned so that we kept all the fruit trees.The view from the garden as work continues.
Spring has really kicked in, and the height of the grass is starting to concern me already!A before and during picture, of the wall being knocked down.
Once the wall had been opened up it was obvious that the road quite a bit lower than the garden. A job for the digger then!The stone from the walls was removed
The digger has now cleared the route in and the wall is prepared for the gateThe gates are nearly ready to be fitted
The fittings on the sides are complete.......and also at the bottom. Just got to wait for the cement to set now
The view from the garden looking out onto the roadThe finished product, which looks fantastic!
The original gates at the entrance to the court yard, taken in March 2003The new gates which match those installed further down the wall. They are also great.
The original view from the house, taken in September 2003The new view from the house, taken in May 2004