Sompt - Photographs of the second stage of the renovation work (replacement floor)

The wooden floor in the downstairs bedroom, which is directly above the cellar, was thought to be rotten. When the temporary covering was removed it was confirmed - so it had to be completely removed and replaced with cement, plastic cover and polystyrene insulation. Now this is complete it is ready for the new oak flooring. This preparation work was completed in May 2004.

The original bedroom, as it looked when we viewed the house...and the view from the other end of the room
As expected, the bedroom floor was completely rotten when the covering was removedSo it was all pulled up and preparations made for a new wooden floor
All of the existing floor boards and joists were removed...and the first layer of the new floor was applied
The drainage pipes, from the kitchen have been laid...and then the layer of polystyrene insulation
Before the final layer of cement...which provides the foundation for the new oak floor. You can also see the initial work to remove the existing window and replace it with French doors