Sompt - The court yard has a spring clean and the bread oven gets a new roof

The court yard has never really looked how we would like it to, so in the spring of 2010 improvements were planned. A new roof on the bread oven was first on the list, followed by a complete new set of gravel in the courtyard which has really lifted the look and feel.

The courtyard when I first saw the house back in 2003 - seems a long time ago now!Over the years it has proved to be a struggle to keep it looking nice and the weeds often take over
Work started to renew the roof on the bread oven and potting shedCutting up the tiles to fit the edges of the roof
The old roof had a few leaks in it, which didn't help the wooden frame!Starting to take shape and what a great improvement
The finished roof, which looks great and so much better than the old tiles we originally hadThe finished product with the new roof and the new court yard gravel which had been delivered and then spread....