Sompt - Photographs of our house

After having the offer accepted, and signing the Compromis de Vente back in March 2003, I returned to Poitou Charentes to sign the acte authentique in June and the house was finally mine.

The evening sun is shining, and the house looks good from the bench in the court yardAlthough it still needs work, the back of the house has not got any worse since my last visit. The barn on the right will become the gite.
The garden is in full flow, with fruit galore. There are peaches, plums, figs, berries and pears to choose fromThe apricot tree has produced fruit for only the second time in 20 years
The entrance to the bread oven, with the old water pump in the cornerThe bread oven which appears to still be in working order - plenty of bread and pizzas on the menu then....
La salle á manger, with the fire place which needs to be opened upThe cave which hadn't been open for about 20 years - provides plenty of room for the odd bottle of wine
Grenier, derriére - This should fit 3 ensuite bedroomsGrenier, devant - because of the height restrictions I am still not quite sure what to do with this space. At the very least it will be good storage space
Salle de séjour avec ver de bois (I spent a good couple of days treating all the wood with woodworm killer)Salle de petit déjeuner - or at least it is in the current plans
The room behing the kitchen which was being used as a bedroomThe mill stone in the kitchen