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Map of the portsThe UK and France are serviced by a good supply of ferries and hover crafts, that have regular day and night time crossings to suit all tastes. Choosing your departure port depends very much on the type of crossing you want and of course where you live in the UK.

If you are prepared to travel and slightly less sociable hours then you can get some really good prices from the ferry companies, and of course always look out for any special offers that the companies offer.

To help you decide, I have listed below the drive times and distances from each of the main French ports to the village of Sompt :

  Caen  Calais  Cherbourg  Le Harve  Roscoff  St Malo 
Travel time to Sompt*5 hrs7 hrs6 hrs5 hrs6 hrs4 hrs
Distance to Sompt428 km696 km537 km514 km518 km380 km

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* These times are calculated using and can probably be improved

The location of each of these ports is shown on the map above.

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A P&O ferry prepares to leave DoverFerry prices and schedules

I have received an e-mail from Darren Bates telling me about coach travel between England and France. If you are travelling between the South East of England and Poitou Charentes you can catch a coach from Victoria which takes you to either Poitiers or Niort. The cost can be as low as 50 return if you book in advance, although the travel time can be quite long.

For more information about coach travel, check out the National Express website: